The Voices In The Wind

A “Stranger” Day
January 26, 2007, 9:19 am
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Sometimes we do things in our lives that we regret from the moment it becomes clear that what we have done something that we probably shouldn’t have. Not that answering the front door when the right light in my house starts flashing is a bad thing on a normal day, it is just that today turned out to be a very abnormal day.

When I opened the door I saw before me a man, as disheveled in appearance as he was threatening in demeanor. Although I had never seen this man in my life, his eyes explained to me that he was a man who has traveled many miles for many years in search of something that he hoped he would never have to find.

Before I had a chance to greet the man he had already taken a hold of my shoulders, one in each hand, and had leaned over in my direction enough where I could feel the warm breath coming from his nose.

I tried desperately to focus on his mouth in order to figure out what he was trying to say to me. But each time I would look away from his eyes, a quick shake of my body brought us back to eye-contact.

Apparently my Daddy had turned the corner behind me within seconds of hearing this mans voice because soon the man quickly released my shoulders, looked up and started gesturing “everything is fine here”. My Daddy, however, wasn’t buying that excuse and started to chase the old man down the street. But before he left, the man took advantage of the one opportunity he had left to get a message to me.

“Stop helping the skulls,” he said.


Da Bears!
January 22, 2007, 9:10 am
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After 21 looooong years, the Chicago Bears are finally back in the Super**** after walking all over the New Orleans Saints, 39-14. While I am happy that the Bears are going back to the “big game”, as my daddy calls it, I am not so sure that they are going to win. Why? Well, because of “the story”.

According to the “experts”, “the story” is why the New Orleans Saints were supposed to win. “Because of everything that has happened to the Saints and what they went through last year, they are the team of destiny,” some reporters have said. Apparently the Chicago Bears aren’t much for reading, because they ended that story pretty quickly.

However, if this whole “because of the story” thing is true, then lets take a look at the other two “stories” that were out there as of Sunday morning, one of which most people paid absolutely no attention to.

1) “This is Mannings year” – The Colts have won and are going to the Super****, beating the New England Patriots Sunday Night. While some people mentioned that this is Mannings year, they failed to mention that the Colts might win it all in connection to that story. When ever they talked about “Mannings Year”, they also spoke about the Saints and how they were the team of destiny. But, now that the Saints are out of the picture, “Mannings Year” is starting to show a little bit more promise for “story of the year”.

2) “Who Dat Gonna Beat Those Bears?” – When the Chicago Bears last won the Super****, they won it by beating the New England Patriots. If I was a story person I would have looked at yesterdays match-ups and told you that the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots were going to go to the Super**** and that there would be a whole lot of talk about how the game would be a re-match from 21 years ago and that the Bears were going to win it all.

The Patriots, of course, ruined the above story because they lost to the Colts. So, the only story that we have left, and is the reason why the Colts and going to beat the Bears (as much as I hate to say it), is that “this is Mannings Year.”

I sincerely hope that I am wrong in that prediction, but at least I have my excuse ready for when the story finally comes to an end.

You have got to be kidding me…
January 18, 2007, 7:18 pm
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Well, it looks like those freaks of nature (meaning the skulls) are not quite finished using me as a communication tool – emphases on the word “tool”. I wonder what would happen if I chose not to be their delivery girl? Then what? What is the worst that could possibly happen because I, a normally strong willed woman, simply made the decision not to be a tool for what ever it is that these little turds are trying to accomplish?

But, as strange as it may seem, I am quite content with being a “tool” at this stage in my life. As sad as it may seem, it is the only thing that has given my life a purpose and meaning. And, truth be told, it is actually quite exciting.

Right… so the topic at hand… I received this message via e-mail from my dear previously unwanted/intruding cranumian* guest:


I can’t make heads or tails of it, myself. I figure that if it has numbers in it, you have to be some sort of “mathemagician” to figure it out.

*cranumian is a word that I just made up and probably (more then likely) doesn’t mean anything in particular. It was simply something that I wrote that made the most sense for me to say at the time. To me it means “made only of skull”. Kinda cool, huh? 🙂

A puzzle… indeed!
January 16, 2007, 7:36 pm
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A few minutes ago I checked my lonely old e-mail box and found some messages from the people who helped get rid of… ummmm… okay, those who are supposed to know what I am talking about will know. Onward to the point of this post…

I was in the process of responding to one of the messages when a window appeared on my computer screen letting me know that I had received a new e-mail and who it was from. “Oh,” I said “It is from my good friend ‘doomskull’. How nice of him to drop me a line.” /sarcastic quote

After closing my reply and opening the new e-mail, I find this nice little picture staring me in the face. It matches the others that have been found, so I am only to assume that I should be putting it here for the world to see.

Without further ado!


The “message”… I think.
January 11, 2007, 5:10 pm
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What is a girl to do? This afternoon I was busy flirting with my “Sociology” Professor when a “certain someone” decided to jump in on the conversation unannounced and definitely uninvited.

“You will know!” it said.

I tried to act as if nothing was happening inside my head, but I think George kind of suspected that I was in another world for a moment or two because he tapped me on the shoulder to regain my attention.

After snapping back into reality for a few minutes, the uninvited guest butted in on a rather decent conversation about how art holds many messages, depending on who is looking at it, in order to say “Tonight. You will know tonight.”

When I got home I found a few e-mail messages from my new found friends and another from one very rude “Doom Skull”.

“You will tell them!” it read, followed by the image that you see below.

*This* is what I was chosen to deliver?

Something to talk about
January 10, 2007, 9:40 am
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have snow!

Since I have a little break in between classes, I thought that I would head down here to the computer lab, hop on to a computer and announce to the world that we finally have the “white stuff” on the ground. And not just a little bit of it either, a whole lot of it. More then I have seen in over a month or so.

I have to admit that I happen to like the snow, not because it is fun to play in, but because it is fun to drive in. While most people have trouble driving in weather such as this, I happen to enjoy a “fishtail” or two on the way to school or inside the parking lot. It gets the blood boiling and allows me to live “dangerously”.

So, that is about all I really wanted to say. It may not seem like a really important thing to talk about to most people, but I have been waiting for this kind of weather to show up for a long time and it is finally here. I wish that you could see the smile on my face right now. 🙂

Alone and Needy
January 7, 2007, 3:56 pm
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Where are you guys?

Well, since you say that you are going to visit my site and never do, let me give you my e-mail address in case you want to contact me that way.

I welcome my return to college and will see all of you lovely people soon.

Hugs and Kisses!