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Life is Strange
February 21, 2007, 8:15 pm
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I understand that this post may be coming at a time that appears to be “late”. I assure you, however, that its timing is almost perfect.

I usually do not pay any attention to the television and, as such, do not know much about what is popular to watch. One show that I do happen to catch from time to time is “Deal or No Deal” and what occurred on the program Monday night was simply unbelievable and very moving to say the least.

If you are unfamiliar with the program then allow me to explain a bit of it to you here:

A person (the contestant) is chosen and then chooses one of 50 small metal cases, one of which may hold a total of $1 Million. This first case is the contestants to keep, should he or she choose to go through all of the cases until only the case that he or she chose at the beginning of the program is left.

As the contestant chooses one case after another, an offer to buy the case the contestant first chose is made by a “banker” based on the amounts still yet to be discovered by the contestants choosing.

The process of picking a case, getting an offer, excepting/not excepting the offer made by the banker goes on until either the offer from the banker is accepted by the contestant or the first case chosen by the contestant is the only case left to open.

Now back to the events of Monday night.

The contestant this particular night was an Asian man appearing to be in his late-30’s or early-40’s (I’m not very good at guessing ages). During the course of the game it was announced that when the family came over to the United States, they did so with just $750 to their name.

By the time the man accepted the deal made by the banker (over $200,000), the amounts that were left to be discovered were $75, $750 and $750,000. Wait, it gets even stranger.

When asked which case the man was going to choose next the amount revealed was $750,000, leaving $75 and $750 yet to be discovered.

So, what was the amount that was in the case first chosen by the man? The same amount that his family came into the United States with… $750.


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