The Voices In The Wind

The Return
February 10, 2007, 10:59 pm
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I thought that they had gone away forever, I was wrong. This evening they returned to the only place where I am able to hear them and they spoke (no, pleaded? no, insisted). While I have the ability to pay no attention to someone who has decided to try and get my attention, it is very difficult to accomplish such a task when the thing that you are trying to ignore is a part of you.

Why they have chosen to make contact once again I can not say. However, they made it quite clear that their intentions are good, despite what “the greatest minds” may have said (misunderstood?).

I had the opportunity to ask one question that I thought may be important to know the answer to, so I decided to ask about the tales of destruction that is normally associated with the return of the skulls. Their answer was quite simple: “The destruction that you speak of was the result of the failed attempts by others to bring us together in time for us to stop it, not the result of bringing us together.”

Is that why they have contacted me, to stop some kind of destruction from occurring?


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