The Voices In The Wind

A “Stranger” Day
January 26, 2007, 9:19 am
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Sometimes we do things in our lives that we regret from the moment it becomes clear that what we have done something that we probably shouldn’t have. Not that answering the front door when the right light in my house starts flashing is a bad thing on a normal day, it is just that today turned out to be a very abnormal day.

When I opened the door I saw before me a man, as disheveled in appearance as he was threatening in demeanor. Although I had never seen this man in my life, his eyes explained to me that he was a man who has traveled many miles for many years in search of something that he hoped he would never have to find.

Before I had a chance to greet the man he had already taken a hold of my shoulders, one in each hand, and had leaned over in my direction enough where I could feel the warm breath coming from his nose.

I tried desperately to focus on his mouth in order to figure out what he was trying to say to me. But each time I would look away from his eyes, a quick shake of my body brought us back to eye-contact.

Apparently my Daddy had turned the corner behind me within seconds of hearing this mans voice because soon the man quickly released my shoulders, looked up and started gesturing “everything is fine here”. My Daddy, however, wasn’t buying that excuse and started to chase the old man down the street. But before he left, the man took advantage of the one opportunity he had left to get a message to me.

“Stop helping the skulls,” he said.

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What a creep, Amanda. Glad to hear that you’re okay. 🙂

We’ve discovered some things on this person. If you’d like to know more (in a private setting), email me.

Comment by rekidk

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