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Da Bears!
January 22, 2007, 9:10 am
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After 21 looooong years, the Chicago Bears are finally back in the Super**** after walking all over the New Orleans Saints, 39-14. While I am happy that the Bears are going back to the “big game”, as my daddy calls it, I am not so sure that they are going to win. Why? Well, because of “the story”.

According to the “experts”, “the story” is why the New Orleans Saints were supposed to win. “Because of everything that has happened to the Saints and what they went through last year, they are the team of destiny,” some reporters have said. Apparently the Chicago Bears aren’t much for reading, because they ended that story pretty quickly.

However, if this whole “because of the story” thing is true, then lets take a look at the other two “stories” that were out there as of Sunday morning, one of which most people paid absolutely no attention to.

1) “This is Mannings year” – The Colts have won and are going to the Super****, beating the New England Patriots Sunday Night. While some people mentioned that this is Mannings year, they failed to mention that the Colts might win it all in connection to that story. When ever they talked about “Mannings Year”, they also spoke about the Saints and how they were the team of destiny. But, now that the Saints are out of the picture, “Mannings Year” is starting to show a little bit more promise for “story of the year”.

2) “Who Dat Gonna Beat Those Bears?” – When the Chicago Bears last won the Super****, they won it by beating the New England Patriots. If I was a story person I would have looked at yesterdays match-ups and told you that the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots were going to go to the Super**** and that there would be a whole lot of talk about how the game would be a re-match from 21 years ago and that the Bears were going to win it all.

The Patriots, of course, ruined the above story because they lost to the Colts. So, the only story that we have left, and is the reason why the Colts and going to beat the Bears (as much as I hate to say it), is that “this is Mannings Year.”

I sincerely hope that I am wrong in that prediction, but at least I have my excuse ready for when the story finally comes to an end.

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Ha- the “literary” approach to football. I like that. Why blank the “bowl”, though, unless it’s some sort of obscenity that I missed… like the Super(obscene), or something? Eh, anyway- Go ‘Da Bears! A good Defence will always beat a good Manning.

Comment by pfunky

Ah, sorry- I wanted to preview that to see if it’d catch the obscenity and *star it. Didn’t mean for it to be up there permanently. Now I can’t edit the comment. Sorry!

Comment by pfunky

I have edited it for you, so no problems. The **** was in there because I know that radio stations are not allowed to say the whole word because of copyright laws. I just thought that I would be safe and * it out as well. I don’t need any problems. Just as long as you know that it is supposed to be “Bowl” we are set. šŸ™‚

Comment by amandap1att

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